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Online Survey Process
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Before the Internet, traditional survey cycles required seven labor-intensive, time-consuming steps: planning, survey design, survey distribution, survey gathering, data entry, data analysis, and reporting. These seven steps hindered an organization's ability to gather and use survey data in a timely manner. Repeto streamlines the surveying process into four efficient, technology-intensive steps. In addition to simplifying the survey process, Repeto provides organizations with a powerful Audience Management System that enables organizations to effectively manage their survey populations through a unique attribute system or connecting to an existing database.
Step 1. Planning a Survey   While effective survey planning doesn't guarantee a successful survey, the failure to appropriately plan greatly reduces the probability that the survey will meet all of the intended business needs. Proper survey planning increases the likelihood that the survey will provide meaningful, useful data from the correct target audience in the appropriate time frame.
Step 2. Creating a Survey   With Repeto, you create a survey online using an easy-to-use WYSIWYG interface that doesn't require any programming expertise. Survey creators can choose from numerous survey formats, generate flexible survey questions from the a myriad of question types, pick from a bank of common question responses, or create a custom response. In addition, survey creators can use advance options to customize the survey to meet the organization's surveying needs. After a survey is created, it is added to the survey pool where it can be administered multiple times to the same or a different audience.
Step 3. Administering a Survey   Instead of sending the survey to the target audience, Repeto brings the target audience to the survey through emails, web sites, marketing materials, kiosks, etc. This simple paradigm shift in how a survey is administered eliminates the need for survey distribution and gathering and enables the survey participants to perform the data entry while completing the survey. Repeto's online data integrity features preserve the integrity of the results by preventing abuse of online technology including multiple survey submissions, blocking unwanted survey participants, and mass distribution of email survey invitations.
Step 4. Reporting Survey Results   Repeto's Quick Report feature offers real-time access to survey results with minimal to zero effort. For more in-depth survey analysis, survey and participant information may be flagged for exporting using one of three common data outputs.
Managing Survey Audiences   Under the new surveying paradigm of bringing the survey participants to the survey, while not mandatory, organizations benefit from managing their survey audiences. Under the Repeto Audience Management System, organization may set up customized participants attributes and then populate Repeto with their survey participant information specific to their organization's needs.

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