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Online Survey Formats
Repeto Feature Guide
Numerous Survey Formats automate all standard survey processes making Repeto capable of administering almost any survey.
Unknown Audience Survey: In an Unknown Audience survey, the respondents are not known in advance. For example, a public website feedback survey is an unknown audience survey. It is not known beforehand who will fill out the survey.
Known Audience Survey: In a Known Audience survey, the respondents are known in advance and entered into the database. Typically, they receive personalized email invitations to take the survey and can be sent reminder emails as needed.
Multi-rater Survey: A Multi-rater, or 360 survey, is one in which a target person receives feedback from others around them. Repeto's workflow tools automate the often complex multi-rater process.
Custom Survey Processes: Do you have a custom survey process? Repeto's survey engine and workflow tools can be customized to handle any survey process or report.

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