/ Professional Services

Process Automation
In addition to automating the survey process, ThinkTroop's Professional Services offers the expertise to handle every step of the survey process.
Consultation:   ThinkTroop's Professionals will work with your organization to clarify your organization's measurement needs and recommend the correct approach for moving forward, and then work with your organization to implement the recommended solution(s).
Facilitation:   ThinkTroop's Professionals are skilled at facilitating Job Task Analysis (JTA) workshops to identify and align your organization's training, exams, and assessments with organizational goals and objectives.
Design:   ThinkTroop's Professionals are adept at working with organizations to develop surveys that are valid, reliable, and free of social desirability (bias), ensuring accurate survey results.
Administration:   Outsourcing survey administration to ThinkTroop ensures secure, timely, and accurate results without the headaches.
Analysis and Reporting:   Get the most out of survey data with ThinkTroop's analysis and reporting services.

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